How to choose an airsoft guns for beginners?

Airsoft guns have the same shape and size as a real gun, but they cannot be replicated into real guns; and you also should not confuse Airsoft guns with Airgun, PCP, or other sports guns. Today’s post will introduce you to how to choose an airsoft gun for beginners.

What you need to know about Airsoft for Beginners

Airsoft games are similar to the popular RPG games on PC, Mobile like Halflife / Counter-Strike, Medal of Honor, Battle Field, Raid, Warface, PUBG, …

However, instead of using the mouse and fingers to play on PC or Mobile, now you will be directly involved in the game, immersive in real life, run, jump, hide, coordinate with teammates and disable the opponent while the opponent also finds ways to disable you.

This is a highly collective game, requiring rhythmic coordination and teamwork, creating cohesion between the members and above all fun.

However, it is also because the Airsoft guns simulate like real guns, Airsoft guns, although they do not have damage, can still cause unsafe and offensive if taken indiscriminately to shoot at animals and others, especially shooting in the eyes (always wearing goggles when playing Airsoft).

So, it requires players to be conscious, obey the discipline and respect other players, respect the community. Airsoft pellet (also called BBs) is often made of plastic and of 6mm diameter, some airsoft gun types can use 8mm size but not very common. BBs have a lot of weight, from 0.12g to 0.50g, but the most common are 0.20g and 0.25g.

These types are used for all types of Airsoft guns, from battery-powered automatic guns (AEG, EBB), Gas guns (GBB, GBBR), one-shot spring guns, to guns using compressed air (HPA). Games with these guns are simply fake battles with accessories, makeup, and role-playing in simulated situations like in the game, in the movie, to make the game more interesting and fun.

What is the best beginner Airsoft Gun?

Spring Airsoft Gun

Spring airsoft has a simple operating mechanism, using the bolt to compress the piston with springs inside the cylinder. When the spring is compressed, the trigger will retain and when pulled the trigger, it will release the spring and push the piston running to the top of the cylinder to create a stream of blowing BBs out of the barrel.

This Spring mechanism is usually applied to sniper rifles. Moreover, this mechanism has the advantage of creating a very stable airflow and small noises. Currently, the most common types of Airsoft Spring are typically L96, AWP, VSR10, M700, M24, M40, MSR, M200, SRS, … Due to the simple operation mechanism, the price of Airsoft Spring is also very affordable. Prices may vary by gun model, material, manufacturer.

Some Spring airsoft gun under 200$:

  • Tokyo Marui Spring Model 17
  • KWC SPRING Sigma SW40
  • Umarex WALTHER PPQ ‘HME’

AEG – Automatic Electric Gun

Basically, AEG is the line of automatic Airsoft guns. This is one of the most popular and effective Airsoft guns in the airsoft market, often applied to Airsoft guns that simulate Rifle, SMG, and DMR.

The introduction of the AEG made an important contribution during the outbreak of the Airsoft movement in the 90s and it made the reputation for the Japanese airsoft company – Tokyo Marui as the leading of the Airsoft manufacturing industry. AEG is the leading airsoft gun of choice in mock battle games.

The price of AEG is also quite high ( AEG from 150$ to 250$ is the basic type for new players). Prices also vary by type of gun, material, gearbox technology, manufacturer, …

Some AEG airsoft gun under 200$:

  • Tokyo Marui Hi-Capa E Auto AEP
  • Tokyo Marui M93R AEP
  • Cybergun Full Metal AEG Colt M4 Harvest

Gas Airsoft Gun

The gas airsoft gun uses specialized gas, compressed at moderately low pressure. The mechanism of using compressed air is applied to most Airsoft guns, most notably for Handguns, Rifle, SMGs, Sniper / DMR, and Shotgun.

The most interesting feature of an airsoft gun that uses gas is that it can create a blowback effect like a real gun, hence the term GBB (Gas Blowback). GBB is commonly used to refer to Handgun Gas. For all types of Rifle Gas, the term GBBR (Gas Blowback Rifle) is used.

Airsoft players are very passionate about collecting GBB Handguns because the price is also moderate but exactly the same as in the movie, and game. Usually, with about 200$, players are able to own a good Airsoft Handgun GBB. Off-match games with GBB are also fun and interesting.

  • SIG AIR P320 CO2 GBB Pistol
  • CAA Micro Roni G5 With Umarex Glock

Sniper / DMR

These are long guns, with a long-range, very accurate, often fitted with a scope to be able to observe and shoot from afar. In movies and games, these are the guns that often terrify opponents if they are in the hands of someone who can use them, long-range, great damage, one shot one kill.

However, in the airsoft world, because it is a model gun, the actual range of Sniper / DMR is not much larger than that of conventional Rifle. An original Airsoft Sniper / DMR usually has a power of about 400 – 450 fps, an effective range of about 45 – 55m.

A more effective Sniper / DMR  requires players not only to research and upgrade but also to have widened knowledge, skills, and high investment costs. The Airsoft Sniper / DMR often gives players mainly the feeling of being immersed as a true sniper soldier, especially being highly effective when the off game.

  • ARES Amoeba ‘STRIKER’ AS02 Sniper Rifle
  • ARES Amoeba ‘STRIKER’ S1 Sniper Rifle
  • Tokyo Marui L96 AWS


The article has given you information, knowledge on how to choose an airsoft gun for beginners. Hopefully, you will understand, play Airsoft properly, and find the best airsoft gun that suits to your economics and interests.

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